Thanksgiving Smoker WSM: The Super Cub… Carcass and Carnage

Happy Thanksgiving!
So the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker turned out some great Thanksgiving day turkeys. I had (2) 15lb turkeys and used an Garlic oil, dark ale, cayenne injection and stuffed another with apple and fresh rosemary sprigs. They were on the WSM for 4hrs and the 2nd one off at 5hours. Pics were taken as soon as the Turkeys were taken off the smoker and placed in a pan to rest. I missed taking pics of the full table spread but it was fantastic and PLENTIFUL. Many left with a lot of leftovers that come in so handy later in the evening and especially the next day.


Injection Turkey

Rosemary apple

The turkeys were extremely moist and had reached 175º in the breast which was higher than I originally wanted to reach. The Rosemary Turkey stayed on longer since it was on the lower grate and I wrapped in foil to try to retain moisture and have it pull a little.SUPER CUB

Later in the day I had family try one of my RC planes, the Super Cub. It’s the easiest to fly and with the new Lipos can approach 20mins flying time. First beginner pilot went fine and performed a few loops without difficulty. The second beginner pilot performed a inside loop then immediately followed with an outside loop. THE WING FOLDED. Even though I had support tape and the struts on, the outside loop put pressure on the wing area that wasn’t protected. I have his support for the parts needed and I’m guilty for allowing him to stunt fly the plane on his very first flight but I had no idea that he would attempt aerobatics =). So on Thanksgiving add that to my list of what I’m thankful for…. not allowing them to fly the Parkzone F4U Corsair I just purchased.
Super Cub aftermath