WSM – Another Smoked Stuffed Pork Loin

I purchased a nice size Pork Loin that I am going to smoke on Friday evening. I liked the previous stuffed Pork loins that I did in the past and I will repeat certain aspects and document them here. This Pork loin, like the others, came in a cryovac pack and is rather large. I like to slice them directly in half and then roll-slice/cut each of them to about 1 ” thickness. This allows them to be stuffed with two different ingredients and allows more space for the stuffing had I just slice down in the middle as you would for a butterfly cut.

Choices on stuffing

I like to add two different type of stuffings for variety and have found that guests enjoy tasting both as well. An apple cranberry with a fruit glaze is always popular and goes fantastic with the pork. The glaze on this can range from orange juice or other fruit juice with a little sugar or an easy glaze by using various jam or preserves heated in a saucepan. Applied near the end of the cook or throughout to layer the flavors. I have no set plans, as you can’t really go wrong with this one. I also like to add either breadcrumbs or croutons to add to the body of the stuffing. It allows it all to come together nicely and the stuffing will hold together easier.

Another stuffing that I experimented with was a mushroom garlic onion spinach mix. Add fresh mushrooms and garlic and other ingredients in a skillet and eliminating some of the extra moisture. Again adding bread crumbs or croutons and your choice of spices. With this stuffing, it greatly improves when adding a creamy finishing sauce. I tried a little alfredo sauce on top of finished slices and it turned out great. I’m curious to see what other finishing sauces might pair well with this and I might delve into the tomato based ones this time. We shall see and I’ll update the topic with pics and thoughts once I finish the cook tomorrow.

Any thoughts or experiences?

Here is one the cooks I did in the past using the Weber Smokey Mountain: