WSM Smoker Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin Stuffed and Peppers

PhotobucketPhotobucketbacon wrap

Another Pork loin stuffed and smoked on the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. This was a request from a family member for our vacation up to Lake Tahoe, California. The plan was to roll slice the Pork loin and add similar stuffing ingredients as I’ve done before except that I will add a Bacon wrap around the Garlic/Spinach/Mushroom to give it additional flavor. I also added fresh Sourdough bread(should’ve toasted) in place of using croutons or bread crumb stuffing. Here are a few pics of the BBQ which turned out great.

(previous stuffed loin cooks with similar ingredients and pics HERE, and  HERE and HERE)

PhotobucketApple Cran

The meal was cooked the day before then I used my Foodsaver vacuum sealer to seal the whole meal and place in the fridge. I followed other cooks advice who use a pot full of boiling water to reheat the meal directly in the package to ensure moistness. It was the first time I reheated in this fashion as I usually will use the oven or for smaller portions the all familiar Microwave. The ABT’s (stuffed jalapeños) have to be reheated in the oven to obtain the crisp bacon and allowing the firmness of the pepper to retain.

apple cran(top) bacon wrapped garlic spinach mushroom(bottom)added to wsm