WSM Smoker Weekend: Roaster Chicken, Sausage Fattie and ABT’s

Skinless trial Roaster Chicken

Fired up the WSM(Weber Smokey Mountain) again this weekend and grabbed three Roaster Chickens from the store along with a roll of Jimmy Dean sage sausage and 15 fresh Jalapeños and a 1lb of bacon. I changed my normal process with the Roaster Chickens a little. I butterflied the Chicken as normal, removing the backbone and cutting to make two equal halves. This time I removed the majority of the skin, mostly the breast and thigh areas. I was attempting to see how the rub and marinade would cover the chicken in a more direct way to the meat instead of the skin. After skinning and washing the chicken I applied my rub. Two different ones, but they both contained the usual Salt Pepper, garlic, sugar. I went with a soy marinade with a little white vinegar and a little more sugar(white,turbinado. The second was a beer and fresh rosemary mix that would sit for a couple hours.

The smoker was fired up with Kingsford briquets and since we have an abundant source of orchard smoke wood here in California I went and got a 4-fist size piece of Apricot. The smoker was reaching 350º+ with the water pan in place but empty and foiled, I wanted a higher smoke temp for the chicken/sausage/abt’s. Chicken was added shortly after.

The Sausage Fattie was next and I stuffed with a mixture of onion, mushroom, salt, pepper, Parmesan and rolled it all together on placed on the top grill with some of the other chicken. Everything was pulled in about 1.5 – 2hours and I then had room to put the Jalapeño peppers on. The ABT peppers where relatively mild and the easiest way for me to determine this is when I’m slicing the hotter Jalapeno peppers usually send their fumes into my eyes and nostrils. I could tell the somewhat larger peppers wouldn’t be as hot as others in the past. I still de-seeded and de-veined the peppers and stuffed with cream cheese and BBQ rub and wrapped the halved peppers with 1/2 slice of bacon for every half pepper. In order to get the remaining coals working I propped the lid on the WSM a little in hope to achieve hotter grill temperature which was beneath 300º. 45-60mins later I everything was ready for the meal.

My thoughts on the skinless chicken was that the outer meat was drier based on not having the skin and accompanying fat layer. It did however take on more of the rub and marinade taste into the meat as expected. With chicken that is skinless a higher temp, faster cook, for smoking would of had less dry outside meat but it was delicious, and once past the outside layer the whole chicken was very moist as usual. So between the 2 different rubs and marinade chicken the beer rosemary was ok, the soy, vinegar, garlic taste was very good. The saltiness of the soy/vinegar allowed it to penetrate more through the chicken as is usual. Keep the beer marinade for marinating the cooks, the chicken with the rosemary would of been better without it. The fattie was just ok, have had a lot better, the abt’s always a hit, and these were VERY mild and had no surprises with very hot ones. All the peppers were extremely mild due to the batch and longer cook time, they were like popping candy.

I still prefer the SKIN ON –  Roaster Chicken that I usually cook like this previous Cook log

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