WSM Smoked Turkey And Salmon Superbowl Sunday

Turkeys And Salmon Just Added

For Superbowl Sunday BBQ I am cooking two Pre-Brined Turkeys and a fillet of Steelhead Salmon on the Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM). I am trying another injection to marinate one of the turkeys. It is Tony Chachere’s Butter Creole Injectable that included a injector with the marinade.

Tony Chachere Butter Creole Injectable’s

The rub that I am putting on the Salmon will be a light combination of Golden Brown Sugar, Granulated Garlic, Fresh Ground Pepper, Salt, Light Dusting Of BBQ Rub and that is it. It needs very little and the end product will be fantastic. Even those who do not eat Salmon normally always try this and usually have seconds and are surprised they like it so much. I can eat Salmon all day so I love it, smoking it is a bonus and this is just the appetizer version. The appetizer version is cooked a little longer which firms it up and has less moisture  and allows for either Hot, Cold, or even room temperature serving. This is a casual way of serving where fingers are only needed. The salmon disappeared long before it cooled down as you can tell I was taste testing as soon as I took it off the smoker by breaking off small samples.

Salmon Off Smoker

The Turkeys cooked fairly fast as the Smoker temperature was 350° for several hours and overall was on the WSM for around 4 hours total. I added a few fist size Hickory pieces to 2 full chimneys of Charcoal and still had plenty fuel left. The Turkeys were once again outstanding. I am beginning to prefer just to season the Turkeys with dry rub and other herbs as I feel it gives excellent results. The injection marinade from Tony Chachere’s was just ok. I only used 1/2 to 3/4 of the bottle and the Turkey was plenty saturated with enough as it was. The main difference was the texture, taste wise they’re both delicious. and each was very moist. It would be hard to really change the excellent taste of just adding a brined Turkey to the WSM with a little seasoning under the skin and dusted on top and inside the cavity.  You really can’t go wrong with a Turkey on the WSM and I enjoy trying new marinades, spices, herbs and will continue to mix it up.

There were plenty of Turkey and side dishes for leftovers. The Turkey carcasses will be used to make Turkey Stock and this will go into a 7 Bean Soup I’ll make later. I also will make another soup this time using noodles, celery, and carrots with the Turkey stock and meat.