WSM – Whole Beef Brisket, Chicken Quarters and ABT’s

Well the weekend has arrived! The Beef Brisket prices around my area haven’t been on sale for quite awhile but I picked a whole un-trimmed packer Beef Brisket 12+lbs @ $2.22lb, which was a lot less then several other large supermarkets.

Prep and Rub

Purchased 2 packages of dried chiles. Pasilla Ancho and New Mexico chiles. Even though they are dried they contain a lot of moisture so I cut open the chiles and de-seeded them and then placed on a cookie sheet into a 220° oven for 20mins. After they are left out to cool then directly added to a coffee/spice grinder.


The Brisket was trimmed of a lot of fat(optional) as I wanted the rub to penetrate closer to the meat. I then added the following for the rub. Granulated Onion & Garlic, Chili(ancho pasilla), brown sugar, Chili(new mexico), fresh ground pepper, allspice, kona coffee, thyme, etc. Lightly salted with Kosher salt before adding rub.

I’m updating as the cook progresses so thats what I have thus far. The WSM is cruising along at 345° for a high heat cook and I’m enjoying my first beer and trying out my new remote Thermometer.

update – 1:50pm – peeked in on Brisket and its looking good and smells great, smoker running 345ish and the Brisket is at 150

Update 2:30pm – removed brisket from smoker, was around 160° and after foiling returned to smoker for finishing. Good color, burnt end was tasty, when sliced it’ll be good to see if it needs anything additional (rub was a low salt version)

Updated 5pmish – Wind picked up last few hours and the charcoal is running low so I just let it slowly do it’s thing. Smoker temperature steadily lowered and temps around 250° before brisket was removed. It’s still resting but I took a small piece to appease the cook before the feast

Update: sliced after resting-
nice color inside, the flat was easy to slice as it was a little firmer than the point.  The point was very tender and moist with great flavor due to the additional fat in the area. Mostly eating the brisket as is and using the additional Red No. 5 sauce every so often. Here are the updated pics after slicing

Brisket flat

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