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Parkzone Stryker Mods Continued 4s And 60a ESC

yikes! Time To Prop Down

orig build thread here

I’ve been neglecting the Stryker somewhat because the noise it generates around our local area has been attracting unwanted attention. My other planes are getting more use due to their low noise and excellent flying capabilities. So what then was I to do with the Stryker? …..Make it louder and faster of course!

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Parkzone Stryker Turnigy 2836 2350kv Build

The easy, inexpensive journey to speed using the Parkzone Stryker platform.

Started a new build based on the Parkzone Stryker airframe. I’ve been accumulating parts for the Stryker while I was researching and deciding what exactly I was looking for in my first flying wing rc plane. I wanted to keep the build relatively inexpensive and there are many options and approaches to accomplish this.  This was my next project after the Turnigy 3536c motor mod to the Parkzone Corsair Upgrade.

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