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Parkzone Sukhoi Mods: Paint, Battery Upgrade, GWS props

Sukhoi: Krylon H2O Yellow Spray

Added a very light, simple coat of Krylon H2o paint to the Parkzone Sukhoi. It greatly adds to the visibility while flying and looks great while in flight. I also put on the other GWS prop I purchased which adds additional speed.  A minor mod I also did was to remove the crap velcro on the Parkzone batteries. The velcro hooks weren’t as long and didn’t have enough grip as the 3M Scotchmate Hook and Loop Velcro I routinely use , the battery no longer drops from the plane in flight and was a quick 30sec mod.

The GWS prop 5043 is now installed and flies great. I was using the GWS 5030 which is also better than the stock Parkzone prop and is the orange colored one in the other photos. They are both great props the have better performance and clearance. Remember that when using these GWS props you need an adapter for the prop to fit on the 1.5mm prop shaft. I am using GWS part no. gw/spnoo1 (package of 6, but only 2 can be used 1.5mm) there are also other adapters on the market but I like the spnoo1 as it protects the prop in case of a nose over.

GWS 5043 Prop with GWS spn001 Adapter

My new batteries, the Hyperion 1s 240Mah arrived a short while ago. I haven’t installed them yet because I’ve changed my mind on the adapters I will be using. The JST connections that I have are larger then what I want to use so I had to place an order for a couple other connectors that I will experiment with.

Hyperion 240mAh


** I have used all the battery connections below and in my opinion the hands down WINNER is the .8mm Gold connectors from Hobbyking! They are the most secure, easiest to connect and remove, and have a larger contact area which translates to more efficiency for current. Another advantage is it’s a easy install using .o38 solder. A lot easier then the molex connections. **

Bullet Connectors FTW!

The main problem I discovered is that you can’t easily purchase the battery side connector that is on the Parkzone micro airplanes and E-Flite micro heli’s. The local hobbystore has the receiver side (male) plug but Parkzone doesn’t sell the female connection. Hell, there isn’t anyone yet who can agree what to call the connectors but here is what I have learned.

The owners at various forums are using either different connectors all together or splitting THIS  extension from HobbyKing to make theirs just like the stock connection. Another option at Hobbyking being used by RemE (member RCGroups) and now myself,  is .8mm Gold connectors from Hobbyking. You can see pictures of his battery upgrade configurations HERE . These .8mm gold connectors are currently on my batteries (pictures above on my 240mah hyperion 1s lipo’s)

Hobbyking Micro Extensions

I finally located what I was searching all over the hobby stores and the Internet for! The Parkzone Sukhoi and Mustang Ultra Micro Airplanes use the following on the battery connection. This is the $320 crimp they want you to use! You should be able to use the the crimp common on most wire strippers as a less expensive alternative to the $320 Molex crimper. Make sure the connection is SOLID!

**Trying to crimp and solder your own connections with these small Picoblade molex connections can be difficult and if done incorrectly can cause damage. If you intend to use the same stock molex connections look into the Hobbyking connections or switch to adapters that you are comfortable with.

Crimping information HERE

More Molex Picoblade info here:

PicoBlade™ 51021 (1.25mm)

  • Connector Type – Receptacle
  • Contact Type – Female Socket
  • Number of Positions –  2
  • Pitch – 0.049″ (1.25mm)
  • Number of Rows – 1

You then need to add a crimp onto the bare wire and then install in the housing above. The Digikey technician suggested the following crimp to finish the connection:



* another source for battery side connections through HERE, they are more expensive then the HobbyKing connections though.

If you want to avoid having to solder any connections and would like increased flight times than you can always purchase the Turnigy 160mAh 1S 30C batteries. They’re about $3 and have increased capacity as well as a higher discharge rate. These batteries sell out fast and the quickest way to receive them is by backorder at the moment.

Turnigy 160mAh 1S 30C

Here is the flight test using the new Hyperion 240mah batteries and filmed with the hatcam keychain camera

Parkzone Sukhoi Micro RC Airplane Modifications Begin

So after a few flights on the Parkzone Sukhoi Micro RC Airplane I began to search on what I could modify to improve it’s speed, visibility and overall flight time. This led me to the various RC forums and helpful hints from the owners who have had the Sukhoi a lot longer than myself and who collectively flight tested many of the solutions and then posted their results. So here is what I have done thus far.


I removed the original stickers on the Parkzone Sukhoi and thought that I was going to use the Krylon H2O spray paints that I have used in the past on some of my other planes. The additional weight that the paint would add concerned me so I am trying the MonoKote Trim Sheets like I have also used on my other planes. I added an exact copy of the original decal shape in the Yellow color then added a little strip of Red on the wingtip to experiment. So far it works well but adding more would help additionally but will also add weight. Not through testing the higher visibility mod. Here are some tips and examples of other Sukhoi owners painting and using markers for color


I started flying the Sukhoi with the Spektrum DX5e but soon thereafter knew that this plane would benefit from the additional programming that my new Spektrum DX6i allows for, especially the exponential programming. Horizon Hobby has a good article as well as video HERE that covers this. I have many flights now using the DX6i and it’s programming it has smoothed the flights as well as allowing for the original snap barrel rolls and fast loops.


The new GWS 5030 props are the orange ones in the Top Photo
Reading through the online forums several GWS props are being used to increase speed and torque to the Sukhoi. So far I have purchased the GWS 5030 and I have placed an order for the GWS 5043. When using the GWS props you MUST also purchase prop adapters. I purchased GWS adapter part# gws/spn001, which comes with 6 adapters but only (2) will fit the 1.5mm threads on the Sukhoi.


Here is a analysis done on the props from RCgroups member turboparker.

Battery Upgrade

Hyperion 1s 240mAh batteries I ordered

Several different options that I have read about but I have an order for the larger Hyperion 240mAh ($4.95 ea) so I haven’t received them yet. I will have to solder my own mini connections to these batteries as the come with bare leads. There are stores and members on forums who sell these batteries with the mini-molex connection already soldered on it. Here is some information on the batteries. (on another plane)


Parkzone Sukhoi Links

Parkzone Sukhoi Micro RC Airplane Added To Hangar

The Parkzone Sukhoi has been available for some time but it never really appealed to me based on it’s size and cost. I figured for the money I’d rather purchase a “full size” RC plane that isn’t as delicate as a micro plane and that allows for greater speed and distance. Well I purchased one anyway and I’m glad I did. The Sukhoi presently comes in a BindNFly version which allows me to use my Spektrum DX5e or my new DX6i 2.4ghz radios. For my first flight I used my DX5e and it was immediately apparent that I should have used the exponential on the DX6i radio. The Sukhoi is a very aerobatic, responsive plane and I knew as much from the other owners who warned of it’s fast controls. I broke the propeller on the plane not long after my first hand launch. I mis-managed the throttle and simply didn’t have enough. I assumed it was going to fly vertical I guess and really take off with too much throttle. This was not the case, and after replacing the propeller my second hand launch was successful but I had a heck of a time trimming the little plane in the air while maintaining it’s flight path away from the ground. I needed to add a lot of up trim and right aileron in order for it to fly straight but once trimmed I was having a great time with barrel rolls, inverted flight, and loops. It wasn’t exactly relaxing when flying the Sukhoi as I was fully concentrated on preventing a day ending crash and then pushing myself to try a few tricks. I left the flying field happy at the results but came away with a few thoughts on how to improve future flights.

Not long after the first flights I re-binded the Sukhoi to my Spektrum DX6i which allows me to use the radio’s programming to add exponential and adjust the High/Low rates as well. This “softens” the controls a little so I can fly less “twitchy” and when comfortable I can easily turn on the High rates for the ailerons and rudder to allow for sport flying. Here is an article and video on programming the DX6i for the Parkzone Sukhoi. I also have begun small modifications to the plane which address my need for additional speed, visibility, longer flight times and added thrust at launch. I’ll cover the modifications in an additional post in which I’ll add cost and where I purchased as well as my thoughts on the end results.