Marlin 795 Rifle – Range Report With Intensity Scope Installed

Range Trip (ati stock, caldwell nxt rest, various ammo, new Intensity 4-12x44mm AO scope and one piece mount)

My recent trip to the range with the Marlin 795 confirmed that there is no way the new one piece scope mount will be moving anytime soon. The scope mount probably would be secure without the extra loctite blue I added but it’s just added insurance at this point. Others that were using two piece mounts have experienced the mount moving after shooting hundreds of rounds. I ensured that the mount and the receiver were cleaned of all oils and grime using Gun Scrubber and a rag. I furthermore added a few drops of Loctite Blue to the inside left of the actual mount and also to the threads of the 5 mount screws.

One Piece Scope Mount

I started the target at 25 yards the help in zeroing the scope. Prior to arriving I had the scope elev and windage all set as close to the middle as possible. The scope needed a lot of up elevation clicks (50+) and a little right adjustment. Because of the various heights of the shooting benches, I struggled with the rest that I purchased. It was too tall, and I couldn’t use the rear rest at any point and was fighting the front rest for a comfortable position. I had to many variables I was playing with. New rifle, stock, mount, scope, and way to many varieties of ammo (cci blazer, rem gold, rem sub, win 333, eley). I had a bunch of FailureToFire, FailedToEjects, and more through approx 250 rounds. Most can probably be due to a newer rifle settling in and some of the subsonic ammo I was cycling through it.

Between 25 to 50 yards no adjustment, 100 yards need a lot of up elevation, I think 25+ clicks on the already 50+ clicks added at 25 yards.. I ran out of sunlight so I never finished all that I wanted at the range that day. What I thought was a powerful scope at first at 12x quickly looks small at longer distances when trying to hit the paper targets. I’m adding 2 small strips of electrical tape to the inside of the rear scope ring to gain back some elevation clicks. I didn’t want to remove the scope mount and add shims underneath the mount after securing it so well. We’ll see how it works on my next trip to the range.

I see a lot room for improvement in my shooting and perhaps now that I’m finished inhaling all these paint fumes I can concentrate I why I purchased the rifle in the first place,   … to shoot the darn thing 🙂

1.) orig stock just painted 2.) 25yard second target sighting in


2 thoughts on “Marlin 795 Rifle – Range Report With Intensity Scope Installed

  1. evan

    hey, i see you put the ati stock on a marlin 795. all the sellers say you cant use it on the rifle? i dont see why not,did you have to do anything to it?

  2. Jasonweb Post author

    Sorry for delay. Yes the stock needs to be slightly modified using a dremel tool. Easy process so do not let this prevent you from purchasing the stock.

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