3DHS Edge 540 48″ Build


The 3D Hobby Shop Edge 540 48″ version is a new size 3D kit that follows their extremely popular 41″ Edge 540 aka the “buck huck”. The 3DHS Edge 540 48″ ARF package is designed around a similar concept of the buck huck which is a very capable 3D Edge airframe available at a great value. One way 3DHS chose to keep the costs down was to use a wire frame/balsa landing gear setup in place of the normal carbon fiber landing gear you will find in other 3DHS kits. I have found the flexing in the wire gear so far to be tolerable but may change it out for the carbon gear at some point. The gear is not a huge issue for me when landing on paved surfaces as it would be for someone landing in a grass field or less than ideal areas.

Build List.


Wattmeter Test 3s-  46.49 amps @ 516.9 watts

The maiden flight went well and once the balance issues with my 3s 2200 lipo were sorted out I was really able to put the Edge through the paces. First impression was the Edge was as nimble as expected being a smaller 3d airframe then I am used to flying from 3DHS. The slow flight characteristics with my low weight setup is amazing. It holds a hover very well in my preferred CG setup. I have the Edge some what neutral with more bias towards tail heavy. The plane really performs well across a broad range of CG measurements I’ve tested. I’m enjoying this particular CG setup at this point. The tumble and knife edge spin moves of this Edge are ridiculous! The velocity it generates in the spin while adding throttle is far faster then anything I’ve flown to date. Really a show stopper and a fun transition move to another maneuver. Looking forward to more flights and updates.

Update – Dec 2011: rudder pull-pull setup has loosened a little, wood on landing gear separating and a quick maintenance check over is due. Otherwise going strong and bringing smiles.


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