Yak-54 3D Profile Hybrid Plane ARF

The Yak 54 3D Hybrid Profile ARF 39″ rc airplane arrived and I wanted to post the build for others who may be interested. I wanted a profile balsa yak and figured for this price if it didn’t perform well I wouldn’t be too disappointed. I was looking for a cheap balsa plane to huck around and 3D with without much worry of destroying the airframe.

It was purchased through Value Hobby HERE.

When it arrived I went over all the parts and manual and noticed a few things. Firstly the manual sucks! What can you expect from a cheap airframe but these translated instructions were not only incomplete but they had you do certain steps out of sequence in my opinion. I didn’t document the whole build but if you have building experience on other ARF’s you should be fine. I was missing the wing mount screws in my plane so I had to make a trip to the hardware store to get 4mm screws and wing nuts to make my own. The blind nuts in the wings needed to be re-glued as one came completely out when attaching the wing.

Here is my equipment list for the build

  1. MonsterPower 10 (1100kv) using a 12×6 APC
  2. Turnigy Plush 60a ESC
  3. Turnigy 4s 2200mah 40c and Turnigy 2100mah 35c LIPOS
  4. OrangeRx Spektrum DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver
  5. T-Pro MG90 9G Metal Gear Servos (4) but buy extra
  6. Carbon Fiber Servo Arms 40mm (4)
  7. Du-Bro Control Horns T-Style type 207 (4)
  8. Du-Bro Hatch Latch (installed later)
  9. Tail gear taken from another 3D Hobby Shop Plane

The Yak 54 Hybrid Profile appears in this video

first on-board video test here

Here are the Wattmeter results I recorded on the above setup

4s 2200mah 40c / 12×6 APC

708.7 watts
57.11 amps

3s 2100mah 35c / 12×6 APC

489.6 watts
44.47 amps

The first maiden with the Aeromax Yak 54 Hybrid was done with the 4s 2200 battery. I had my DX6i programmed with 15-20% expo and took off slightly tail heavy. Just as expected with this power level the plane was vertical. Loved it! Plenty of power to jump out of a hover and straight line speed runs were fast. I haven’t used my radar gun on this but I’m going to guess easily an 80mph plane. The rudder control in knife edge is amazing since it will do a knife edge loop without difficulty. I have the rudder programmed with no expo which is my normal setting for quick adjustments and I am able to whip it around very easily. Flat spins and inverted flat spins are really neat and are very easy to do with the wide wing chord this plane has. It has a fairly high axial roll rate, not the fastest I’ve seen but impressive. The wide wing is very stable and harriers are very confidence inspiring. For the money I have a winner and would recommend this plane to anyone with a little build experience and wanting a cheap 3D Huck plane that performs great. The plane has since been flown with 3s batteries with equal success. It obviously lightens the plane quite a bit for hovers and other maneuvers. I am torn between which setup I prefer because I really like the power of the 4s and the added weight does add some stability but using the 3s for lower altitude moves and just hucking around is an equal thrill.

I have reinforced the landing gear with additional basswood and White Gorilla Glue was place inside the fuselage at the bottom of the gear. I also found immediately that my planes canopy magnets were not strong enough for the knife edge and it quickly came off on my first two flights. I added the Du-Bro hatch latch to solve this after using a rubber band and tape for awhile. I added a tail wheel from a 3d Hobby Shop plane since there was no way in hell I was going to use the Yak’s tail skid. I also disliked the included control horns and they were replaced with Du-Bro T-style ones in the list above. Added cooling holes and exit cooling hole on the bottom of the fuselage. My real complaint is the instructions were unclear, limited, and overall lacked the information to confidently build the plane. I had to purchase wind screws and make several adjustments to the build that I shouldn’t have had to. But the longer I fly the plane the further away from the build experience I gain.

*I also should mention that this was my first purchase through VALUEHOBBY.COM. I had several emails that were never responded to and I couldn’t even reach them by phone. A HUGE negative on this seller as I attempted several times with 2 different forms of communication! I never took it further than that but did research them after the fact on the forums and some have had better experiences than I received.