Dynam Peaks Pitts 3D Foamie Biplane 42″ ARF


Ok, really… A $139 3D capable foamie biplane that includes the motor/esc/servos and needs just a 4s lipo battery and a receiver? (Dynam Peaks 42″ RC 4 Channel 3D Bi-Plane ARF w/ Brushless Motor + ESC + Servos (Yellow).

At first glance I wondered if the included power package would be sufficient enough or if the airframe was up to the task of 3D and tumbles and spins. The first few videos of the newly released Red Dynam Peaks biplane showed the plane has real world capabilities and nice power and decent 3d maneuvers. The word spread fast and the first batch of Red Dynam Peaks sold out quickly. Fast forward a few months later and a new batch of Yellow Dynam Peaks arrived at Nitroplanes and one had my name on it!

This is my 3rd flight and the first flight where I did NOT have an issue. The first flights I had an issue with my battery LVC and the next flight the prop adapter flew off in a high altitude spin.

The only changes to the stock plane was change to control hinges on the elevator and rudder to pin hinges. I also reinforced the elevator with carbon fiber flat stock.


Minor repairs from goofing around 😉 I had to replace a few props, repair the lower wing with CA, nose repair, rudder servo replacement, looks like some hardware will need to be replaced(rods,clevis) soon. More to come!

Latest Update Pic

*lipo location (for my plane and my preferred CG, can vary)

wattmeter – APC 14x7e, 4s 1800mah  =  43.5a  / 672w

edit – The rudder servo was replaced when it had serious chatter on one side. I replaced it with a servo I already had a (D-MG16).

The original servo is glued into a plastic servo mount in addition to the (2) screws. I used a pair of pliers to pull the servo out and then used a Dremel to widen the plastic servo mount to accommodate the slightly longer (D-MG16). Lengthwise the D-MG16 is approximately 2mm longer than the original. Orig servo being 27mm and the replacement D-MG16 29mm.

D-MG16 vs Original