Hangar 9 – Twist 60 ARF Build

Hangar 9 Twist 60 ARF

Plane has been built and I’m currently flying. Updated build list above is current. Battery cover had to be modified to except taller size 6s lipo that I purchased. I’ll add a picture of the modification at the bottom of this post for those who may be interested. Had to add nose weight to balance. Still working on flight trim but overall very fun plane. Would like a little more pull out power in hover. So I’m buying a APC 17″ prop to try out shortly. Able to do most 3D (hover, spins, blender etc) but knife edge spins. Only have a few flights so far so more to come.

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Final Updated Build List



7.5lbs  / 1345.4w @ 56.27a on a 6s using the APC 16x8e prop

My new Hangar 9 Twist 60 ARF has arrived and is waiting to be outfitted with all new equipment. It was not my immediate first choice for a new plane because some of the other rc plane models I was/am interested in are either in backorder hell or have been suddenly discontinued or the Hobby Store was not a dealer for them. So kinda got a little frustrating and this model looks fun and will play a dual role as urban guerrilla flyer in open areas and the more general duty at the AMA field.

I’m still in the decision process of what will actually fly my Twist. The recommendation is a e-Flite Power 60 but I have no less than 3 other motors that I’m considering. The lipos I will use range from  6s 4200-5000mah to an 8s setup. Servos haven’t been decided upon either and basically the whole build is a big question.

The level of completion from Hangar 9 with this ARF is great. All the hinges are installed, tail wheel installed, electric mount is included and if I had the electronics I could realistically have this complete within a couple hours. There are a few covering touch ups (wrinkles) to complete and reinforcing the landing gear and maybe motor and battery area, then additional ca glue in the fuselage in every joint I can reach.

I finally got around to getting an actual Heat gun in anticipation of needing it for coverings and whatnot. I have never needed one before since a normal lighter has always been my bread and butter for all my heat shrink. The new Kawasaki Heat Gun throws out a lot of heat and comes with several attachments I’ll probably never use.

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Battery Cover Modification

  • 1/4 x 1/4 midwest balsa
  • Tru-red ultracote
  • metal rod used for tabbed guides for cover placed through fuselage