HobbyZone Super Cub returns to the air with new color

Update – The Super Cub is now flying with the following power setup – It’s good for 458 Watts @ 42 amps!

I have neglected my old workhorse, the HobbyZone Super Cub for far too long. With the addition of the ParkZone Corsair F4U and most recently ParkZone Radian I found less time to fly the ole’ Cub. One of it’s strengths is the ease of flights and less aggressive flying dynamics that make it a perfect trainer for the new pilot. I will always have a Super Cub in the hangar for this exact reason. As friends and family become interested, I have handed over the controls to the Super Cub to many new fliers after a short instruction. The most recent crash with the Super Cub was a result of a new flier and even though I had all the replacement parts delivered, I never put the Cub back to flight worthiness until last night. I added some high visibility trim strips from Monokote (Day-Glo Red) to the upper wing and tail rudder. After a range check I took the Cub out to the flying field even though it was very breezy. I did the same lipo conversion that I had on my previous Cub and placed my stock Corsair 3s1800mAh lipo in the bottom. I used my Skymate sm18 to check the wind speed out of curiosity and found that my guesstimate was pretty accurate. Winds were averaging 15mph and gusts up to 20mph during a couple minute test period. I was confident on my pre-flight and power of the lipo to pull the Cub out of harms way if needed.


The flight went pretty smooth, less than half throttle and the Cub would practically not move in the air, almost hovering and stuck in the wind. Tip the nose and add power and I was able to make headway. Performed a few instant flips heading into the wind, a few large circles and low flyby’s feeling how difficult a landing would be. I landed after 15mins(no wheels) in the grass field just to check over the decals and surface areas incl rubber bands etc. All was well and the motor being new smelled a little as it was getting broken in for the first time and was warm. I readied for another hand launch and had the Super Cub in the air for 20 secs when throttle cut off, I still had control of plane so I just landed off in the field and figured it was a low battery cutoff. Yep, low-batt cutoff as I forgot to charge the 1800 fully before I left! It was reading 10.v right there on the spot. It was a good flight so I just decided to call it a day at the field and will make a return visit with additional color on the wing and other planes.

Thoughts – the new Trim sheet color(day-glo red) however bright as they are up close were not as noticeable at altitude as the trim colors I recently tried on the Corsair(yellow). That surprised me, so I have to try a little yellow or maybe the neon green I bought recently on the Super Cub’s wings.

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Recent pic of the old workhorse and new aluminum landing gear I had to make after it had been wrecked by another new pilot I let fly the cub! The complete battery box was removed and I had to reinforce the fuse with glue and fiberglass and create a new bottom battery hatch out of balsa. It just keeps going and going ..