Parkzone Sukhoi Micro RC Airplane Added To Hangar

The Parkzone Sukhoi has been available for some time but it never really appealed to me based on it’s size and cost. I figured for the money I’d rather purchase a “full size” RC plane that isn’t as delicate as a micro plane and that allows for greater speed and distance. Well I purchased one anyway and I’m glad I did. The Sukhoi presently comes in a BindNFly version which allows me to use my Spektrum DX5e or my new DX6i 2.4ghz radios. For my first flight I used my DX5e and it was immediately apparent that I should have used the exponential on the DX6i radio. The Sukhoi is a very aerobatic, responsive plane and I knew as much from the other owners who warned of it’s fast controls. I broke the propeller on the plane not long after my first hand launch. I mis-managed the throttle and simply didn’t have enough. I assumed it was going to fly vertical I guess and really take off with too much throttle. This was not the case, and after replacing the propeller my second hand launch was successful but I had a heck of a time trimming the little plane in the air while maintaining it’s flight path away from the ground. I needed to add a lot of up trim and right aileron in order for it to fly straight but once trimmed I was having a great time with barrel rolls, inverted flight, and loops. It wasn’t exactly relaxing when flying the Sukhoi as I was fully concentrated on preventing a day ending crash and then pushing myself to try a few tricks. I left the flying field happy at the results but came away with a few thoughts on how to improve future flights.

Not long after the first flights I re-binded the Sukhoi to my Spektrum DX6i which allows me to use the radio’s programming to add exponential and adjust the High/Low rates as well. This “softens” the controls a little so I can fly less “twitchy” and when comfortable I can easily turn on the High rates for the ailerons and rudder to allow for sport flying. Here is an article and video on programming the DX6i for the Parkzone Sukhoi. I also have begun small modifications to the plane which address my need for additional speed, visibility, longer flight times and added thrust at launch. I’ll cover the modifications in an additional post in which I’ll add cost and where I purchased as well as my thoughts on the end results.