Pilot-RC 107″ YAK 54 CF 35% ARF

This was a build by a rc club friend at the who is new to 3D flying! It’s a helluva way to start learning 3D. The benefits with this larger RC model airplane is that it can help with stable flight, slow purposeful maneuvers and larger presence in the air for orientation. However the large mass will quickly become apparent during 3d maneuvers such as tumbles etc. The snappy power out which you can sometimes rely on getting you out of trouble near the ground with smaller planes certainly isn’t there.

Take a look at an even larger version of this plane below being flown by a more experienced pilot at a 3D Huckfest event I attended.

You can look at this planes specs here – PRC YAK35-40

Pilot RC Aircraft and Parts – Chief Aircraft RC

And then there was the level 10 Pucker Factor!

We all watched him yell, “Deadstick!” as his plane headed straight for a barbed wire fence. Amazingly, this is the exact position of the Yak when it came to a stop. Very little damage, the carbon gear was replaced and a couple internal fuselage stringers needed repair.


Here is a lot LARGER Pilot-RC 148″ YAK 54 CF 46% that was flown by Dave(planebender) at the 3D Huckfest (plane link) – (newer link@ chiefaircraft)