Parkzone Radian Mods Continue – Visibility

I’m still continuing to improve the visibility of the Parkzone Radian. I have already painted the Radian using the Krylon Fusion H2O spray paints.

Original Parkzone Radian Post, along with pictures, is located here.

So instead of using paints I have been experimenting with the Monokote Trim Sheets. I have them on my Hobbyzone Super Cub and also my Parkzone Corsair. They are basically stickers or decals and they have stood up to several flights and show no signs of peeling. I decided to add Red fluorescent on the Radian’s rudder and then to add thin strips of the same color on the leading edge of the wings. The weather here is not cooperating today so I will have to postpone reviewing it’s effectiveness until later. The smaller trim on the wings probably will not be distinguishable at altitude and the when the Radian gets to a very high altitude the rudder color will be hidden as well. I have found that will the sky color we have in our area painting the bottom wings and rudder in flat black gives you the best ability to spot the plane. Both my Super cub and my Corsair have the bottom wings painted black with the Krylon H2O. If I had the chance to do the Radian’s bottom painting again I would use BLACK paint and not the altitude stripes it currently has. All though, at high altitude any color pattern will blend and appear dark.

I used Krylon Fusion for PLASTIC spray paint on the CANOPY.Do not use this on the FOAM! Various paints will eat right through the foam so stick to the Krylon Latex H2O Paint for foam. I added a base of white spray paint first and then added what Krylon Fluorescent paint after that. I finally added matte clear spray to the canopy and allowed to dry. The color is as bright as I would have hoped for. But I have time and paint invested into it so I am not in a rush to purchase another canopy.

Additionally I added strips of Strapping tape to the wings and smaller strips to the rudder and fuselage. The Radian’s tail end of the fuselage has a lot of flex in it and is very evident when I have my video camera facing rearward and I later review the shots.

edit – I was able to bring the Radian out to the park before dusk. It was getting late but I put the Radian in the air and the rudder really stood out. The Radian’s rudder is pretty large to begin with but the visibility of the Red fluorescent Monokote trim sheet was great. As expected this is not as visible at very high altitude but I wasn’t pushing it due to lack of light. The canopy and leading edge are low altitude only markers. I’m satisfied with it’s current appearance and will begin to concentrate and the video platform. I will need a separate post for all the information.

My Parkzone Radian Onboard Video Located Here

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Edit- added new color to bottom of the Radian’s wings. I chose BLACK, using the Krylon H2O spray paint. After painting and drying I added 1 coat of Minwax water base polyurethane aka WBPU to protect the paint.

Black Krylon H2O, WBPU coat

Original Paint – Altitude Stripes


I also added LED light strips to a couple of my planes. The Radian was outfitted with the LED Blue, Green and Red strips on both sides of the wings and also the tail and along the fuselage. It’s great to add more options to fly and now being able to fly at night we can extend our flying in the evening when the wind and weather is calmer. It’s a cool experience that I’m finally happy with after trying multiple other strategies for lighting up my airplanes. I’ve tried flashlights, led keychain lights, glotubes etc but nothing compares to the sheer brightness these LED light strips are able to achieve. When flying on golf courses at night the LED’s actually cast shadows off the trees when flying by them. Here is a short video of a flight we did in a local park that wound up creating a dangerous situation with distracting drivers that were slowing down on a nearby road. We saw all the headlights and decided that we would no longer fly at this low of an altitude or this specific area. While we have changed or night flying strategy you can still count on numerous cars and people that manage to find our flying spot and come out and ask questions. WITHOUT FAIL you will get noticed and you will get A LOT of questions while you’re flying.

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  1. Mike

    Hi Jason,

    I am an experienced pilot (USAF) and former U-Control and hand launched glider fan, getting into RC for the first time after a few decades of not flying models at all. I have been learning on the ParkZone Vapor and micro T-28, finding the hardest thing to learn is directional control with the plane coming at me — no surprise there I’m sure.

  2. Jasonweb Post author

    Hi Mike,

    Welcome back to the RC modeling world. I’ll probably rehash a lot of the information I already have on my posts within my site.

    I’ll send you an email as well in case you do not get a response notification from my comment here.

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