RC Video Using Keychain Camera’s – Parkzone Radian Flight

Update – there is a newer HD 1280×720 HD version of the key chain on the market now (2011). RCGroups has a great thread with a lot of information and tips on this new $40 HD camera HERE. It takes phenomal footage for the price and easily mounts with velcro to top of my hat.

I also use the HobbyKing HD Wing camera with fantastic results and highly recommend purchasing it. It has a slightly wider lens which I really like and the video quality is great both used on the ground mounted with velcro on the top bill of my hat or mounted on my rc airplanes. Here is a on-board video I used with the HobbyKing HD Wing Camera.

I also learned that a few members on RCGroups have used acrylic plastic to form a camera mount to their glasses or sunglasses. I really liked the idea so I went to the local Lowes Hardware store and picked up a couple of .080″ 8×10″ Acrylic Sheets. They were $1.60 a sheet and are listed as 20x stronger than glass. They had much stronger selections but I wanted the acrylic to be easier to form. After scoring the acrylic several times with a knife or chisel or any semi-sharp object you snap off your desired piece. I then lit a candle and held the acrylic piece about 2 inches above the direct flame to gently soften the plastic. Never allowing the flame to directly touch the acrylic. You’ll have to experiment with the time it takes to get to the desired flexibility but when it’s ready I used a ruler to help form straight angles and was happy with the results. I molded several different variations to experiment with and had a lot of fun working with this new acrylic. I see some interesting projects in the future using this material.

Same design but used on a baseball hat, nice and snug it’s not moving anywhere and the velcro can be switched for correct camera orientation:

Inside Cap

And another version of my hat cam mount-

Here are a few of my more recent Keychain Camera Videos

Testing the key chain with the U-shape mount on my baseball cap

Keychain Camera LINKS:

1.) Chuck Lohr COMPREHENSIVE Review and Mods ETC !! Key Chain Camera 808

2.) RCGroups Key chain Camera Thread – good tips

3.) Free video editor – VirtualDub and the filter to remove the TIME/DATE on VIDEO(timestamp.vdf)

4 thoughts on “RC Video Using Keychain Camera’s – Parkzone Radian Flight

  1. Tim K

    Hi Jason,

    thanks for your posting. I have have such empathy for your crash. I smashed mine up yesterday. It was my maiden flight and major crash on launch.. As I look at all the pieces, I am hanging my head low and wondering if there is hope of the plane flying again.

    Glad to see there is flight even after a wreak as bad as yours. The fuse is on back order. I am going to rebuild!


  2. Justin

    You can recover a plane from the crash. As long as there are parts that didn’t break. I crashed my radian and it was horrible. Parts were everywhere. Amazingly all the electronics still worked just fine. I bought new wings and a new fusilage. I put everything together and fkew again the next day. I love Hobby Town USA. They have a section of there stock room just for me. LoL.

  3. Dan

    Where was the camera mounted for the Parkzone Radian RC Sailplane keychain cam test ?
    Was it on the wing or on top of the fuse?


  4. Jasonweb Post author

    Hey Dan,

    I’m pretty certain the video footage on this page with the Radian was done with the camera on the LEFT WING looking straight ahead.


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