SkyWing 48″ EPP MXS 3D Airplane

Skywing manufactures some awesome 3d airplanes in this hybrid mix of epp foam and light plywood. This design gives the airframe more rigidity allowing it to perform similar to a balsa 3D plane. The Skywing MXS epp foam is a little more forgiving with minor crashes and in the air it flies really light. Perfect as a trainer or throw in the back of the car plane. From windy to calm to even foggy weather I will not hesitate to run as many lipo packs as I can through this MXS. Very impressed with the build quality and recommended to my fellow 3d pilots as an excellent value and great fun from Skywing.

Build List

I’m currently using the 3020 950kv Rocket motor on 4s (13x4E or 12x6E)

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