Parkzone Stryker Mods Continued 4s And 60a ESC

yikes! Time To Prop Down

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I’ve been neglecting the Stryker somewhat because the noise it generates around our local area has been attracting unwanted attention. My other planes are getting more use due to their low noise and excellent flying capabilities. So what then was I to do with the Stryker? …..Make it louder and faster of course!

I have been limited to using only 3s Lipos on the Stryker because my old ESC hated the 4s and would not operate at high throttle. Of course the specs that came with the motor indicated this but I never rely on specs much and abuse all my other motors with the intent of seeing how much I can get away with. The specs on ESC however should be followed more precisely than the motors so I went ahead a ordered another Turnigy Plush 60a ESC $32.11 for the Stryker. While I was at it I also ordered a couple similar motors but in a higher KV rating then my current setup. New motors are Turnigy 2836 – 3200kv outrunners $16.32 which should provide even more power.

Once the new ESC and motors arrived I got out the soldering tools and began to switch out all the electronics and prepare to test the new power numbers with my Turnigy Watt Meter Power analyzer.

Before moving to the new motors I wanted to test the old 2350kv motor with the new ESC and new 4s 2200mah 30c Lipo $24.70. After the test I made the decision to leave the old 2350kv motor in and see how the Stryker performs.

Here are some results and pics-

yikes! Time To Prop Down

MA 6540 prop old motor 28-36 2350kv / 4s battery


APC 5.5×4.5 / 4s same batt as above 16.42 after

I’m using this setup for the time being and then will convert to higher 3200kv motors and report my findings with them.

Conclusion – I had a scary moment on it’s new maiden. I took it out and was overly anxious to fly during a windy day. My SkyMate wind meter clocked in 27mph gusts. With the new power and aggressive flying I managed to snap a vertical fin at altitude but was able to recover and land with one fin left. I have since reinforced both fins using my carbon fiber tow and epoxy and then gorilla glued to airframe.

Close Call

It’s very loud and a noticeable speed increase. But I’d like more speed out of the Stryker even still. I use the Stryker now only at the AMA flying field but will venture to unpopulated areas once in awhile. My Stryker is a little heavy with all the reinforcing I applied with the carbon fiber rod in the airframe, new carbon fiber tow on the elevons and also vertical fins. The fat pig Stryker is now hitting the scales at 870 grams = 30.6883469 oz = 1.91802168 pounds ounces with 4s battery. The stock specs from Horizon indicate a flying weight of 22 oz (620 g)



2836 – 3200kv Motor Wattmeter Testing using a Turnigy Trust 70A ESC

You have to purchase a 3.17mm collet prop adapter for this motor. The one I just received is a Scorpion

5.5 x 4.5 APC Prop / 3s 2200mah 30-40c Turnigy battery

68.54 amps @ 722.4 watts


5.5 x 4.5 APC Prop / 4s 2200mah 40c Turnigy battery

93.61 amps @ 1294 watts

second test trying the new prop adapter. The new Scorpion 3.17mm adapter fits a little far off on the shaft. I might correct this later by cutting the shaft a little with a dremel.

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