Parkzone Stryker Turnigy 2836 2350kv Build

The easy, inexpensive journey to speed using the Parkzone Stryker platform.

Started a new build based on the Parkzone Stryker airframe. I’ve been accumulating parts for the Stryker while I was researching and deciding what exactly I was looking for in my first flying wing rc plane. I wanted to keep the build relatively inexpensive and there are many options and approaches to accomplish this.  This was my next project after the Turnigy 3536c motor mod to the Parkzone Corsair Upgrade.

The Stryker build started with the obvious, the airframe. This was ordered online for $17 dollars.  And while I was shopping I ordered all the hardware as follows online.

  • Airframe ($16.99)
  • Complete Hatch Set ($6.79)
  • Motor Mount ($3.99)
  • Clevis & Pushrod ($1.89)
  • Fin Retainer(2)& Landing Skid ($1.19)
  • Propeller 6×4: F27C ($2.29)
  • Vertical Fins w/Tape (2): F27/B/C Stryker ($6.39)
  • Elevons w/Control Horns: F27C ($3.19)
  • CustomRC Motor Mount – 28mm ($36.99)
  • TowerPro H40A Brushless Speed Controller ($8.99). Use a larger ESC if using higher KV motors
  • Turnigy 2836 brushless Outrunner 2350kv ($17.80)
  • Faster setup use a  Turnigy 2836 3200Kv but you’ll need a larger esc such as Plush 60a or 80a esc or Trust 70a and a 3.17mm collet prop adapter and smaller prop on a 4s
  • HXT 2845 (380L) 2100kv Brushless Inrunner ($17.29) – boring
  • HXT900 9g / 1.6kg / .12sec Micro Servo ($2.99/ea) *weak choice, ok for slower speed. BETTER – Mg14 servo or larger MG16 or T-ProMG90
  • Hitec HS-85mg servos ($30.99 ea) – needed for high power and speed stryker or an equivalent servo
  • ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 30 or 40C ($16.43) use a 4s for high speed 4s 2200mah 40c USA warehouse ($22.53 here and $17.10 here)
  • Spektrum AR500 receiver ($59.99) / Orange 6ch Hobbyking
  • Carbon Fiber Tube 40″ .210 OD ($5.99 ea 2)
  • 2-56 threaded rod and clevises

That was the main list of ingredients on this Parkzone Stryker. I will follow up and post addition details and pictures.

(note – this adds weight and may not be necessary for your build) The fuselage was strengthened when I added two .210 carbon fiber tubes to the fuselage. One tube was installed from the nose and the tail and the other was installed near the leading edge of the wing left to right. I used a metal ruler to mark the straight lines of where I wanted to install. Then I used my soldering iron wrapped with a small piece of aluminum foil on the tip to melt away a bedding area allowing the carbon fiber tubing to lay flush with the foam.

Once I had the depth correct and insured that I wasn’t interfering with the motor mount I then laid down a nice bead of Gorilla Glue White (fast cure)  and installed the carbon tube and held down with plastic clamps and tape. I added a smaller bead on the top of the carbon and smoothed out then added packing tape over the glue and the length of the rod. The glue will foam up and the tape helps create a smooth surface when it rises. I also just left the top of one rod without tape and manually scraped off the extra glue as it foamed. You should keep a watchful eye on the glue for the next 60mins and when some of the foam escapes from where you do not want it you can easily wipe it away. This can also been done when dry but you may need to cut or sand some areas. Others have used hot glue for this carbon install but it’s heavier and not as secure as the Gorilla Glue.

.210 Carbon Tube

Scotch Extreme tape was used on trailing edge underneath the installed elevons. This will help prevent the elevons from pulling away from the foam. I also used the the extreme tape over the servo install once they were put in place with a small bead of hot glue. I haven’t installed the higher quality metal gear Hitec HS85mg yet but plan to soon. The HXT900 are doing fine for the time being but they’re a weak point of the build. After glue has settled I covered using the DuPont Tyvek tape.

The original stock motor mount screw holes are fragile as heck. I went through a couple rather fast due to over tightening the motor screws. After the first maiden I also noticed a few tabs cracked from the flights so that is why I invested in the expensive CustomRc mount.

CustomRC Motor Mount

I epoxied the battery hatch covers using carbon fiber tow and extreme tape and then installed neodymium magnets to the hatch and the fuselage. The ESC was then programmed for high timing, high voltage cutoff and installed. Spektrum AR500 full range receiver installed with velcro next. Then it was time to spin the motor. In a small room the motor music was PIERCINGLY LOUD! Here are some results of the testing.

Motor testing using Turnigy Power Analyzer Watt meter

1. Parkzone Stryker Stock 6×4 prop / 3s 2200mAh 30c Zippy

497.4 watts

43.29 amps

2. MAS 7×4 prop – mao740ne / 3s 2200mAh 30c Zippy

729 watts!

66.10 amps!

3. APC 6×4 EP Pusher lpo6040ep / 3s 2200mAh 30c Zippy

464.3 watts

40.2 amps

The maiden of the Stryker was really easy and needed a little adjustment in the trim and control surfaces. The servo throw is not enough so I was going to add servo extensions but have since purchased HS-85mg and Super Strength Long servo arms from DuBro(DUB672). My Stryker wasn’t as fast as I was expecting and thought I would have to throttle down a lot more. Easily resolved with a 4s lipo and larger esc but I will enjoy this for now. It screams and definitely is quick,  just not blazingly fast like the youtube Strykers. Very gentle glide rate which allows for smooth landings and slow fly-bys. It was very easy to fly for me but wouldn’t recommend it to a inexperienced pilot.

I have video I shot of the of the maiden flight and also some on-board footage from the Stryker so I will update the post later.

Some resource links

Updated Stryker Build Information HERE

The Parkzone Stryker RTF version, which was a FM radio package(old),  is being discontinued according to Horizon Hobby. So I called and Horizon said they will still support (parts) the current platform and did not to say what they’re up to. Probably new Spektrum equipment for the radio/receiver. Regardless the Stryker seems here to stay despite to talk I hear they are discontinued.

In case here are my choices –

Multiplex Funjet,  Ultra Funjet, or Zagi or  the Hobbyking Skyfun.

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