Parkzone P47 Thunderbolt Build Mods

I started my next build and decided on the Parkzone P-47D Thunderbolt AKA the JUG. I planned on building this plane similar to my Parkzone Corsair, with plenty of power and speed. The Thunderbolt should be able to reach 90mph without difficulty.


Here are my build items

  1. Parkzone P-47D Thunderbolt Airframe Kit
  2. Tacon Big Foot 15 – 3548 950kv
  3. Turnigy Plush 60a esc
  4. Turnigy 4s 2200mah 40c lipo
  5. 4 servos – (Tower Pro mg90d, mg92b).or MG-14 and (2) 6″ extension leads
  6. APC props – 12×6 and 10×10 so far
  7. Retracts  – ChangeSun Electronic Retract 25 V2(Main Gear) or (e-Flite 10 to 15 – Size Main Electric)

The plane arrived in great shape with all the hardware included in the airframe kit. It comes with all the decals, the wing and fuselage are already applied so you have two decals to apply to the underside of the wing if desired. The Thunderbolt airframe is very pleasing to the eye and the build process went smoothly. I used the stock plastic motor mount in addition to a plywood mount I made. The plywood mount fits between the stock motor mount and the Brushless motor. In the past I ordered and used mounts from CustomRC. The motor came up a little short out the cowl so I then used my Dremel to grind off enough of the cowl’s center to fit the motor.

With everything in place, I charged my brand new 4s 2200mah 40c battery and connected my Turnigy Wattmeter for some testing. Here are the results.

Big Foot 15 / APC 12x6e Prop / Turnigy 4s 2200mah 40c


Plenty of power and way over spec on the motor but I was ready to maiden it at this point so off I went. I brought along my radar gun and met a friend to help get some mph readings. On the second flight we got 94MPH on 2 separate runs. The plane is very stable and a real pleasure to fly. Very smooth two wheel landings that carry a lot of momentum down the runway until I finally place the tail wheel down. Very precise and it’s a lot of fun to fly. My old Corsair has gotten heavy and worn over the years so this new Warbird is exactly what I needed.

Update – New Paint, Prop and Wattmeter Test and new MPH Record

Big Foot 15 /APC 10x10E / Turnigy 4s 2200mah 40C



P-47D Thunderbolt Weight

36oz without battery

AUW = 45.5oz using 4s 2200 40c lipo


Here is the new MPH record video and she certainly isn’t finished yet  –

Airbrushed smoke details and then (2) coats of Minwax® Polycrylic®

Airbrushed smoke details on gun and engine exhausts


More Radar Fun – 7.14.2011 – P-47D Thunderbolt 110mph !

Update (*apr 2013 repairs) – the P-47 is still flying after several repairs. I replaced the wing and the same carbon reinforcement was added. The wood motor mount I originally made was also quickly replaced with an uglier version. I also had to replace the cowl. Very little damage considering how many times I’ve crashed!

p47 repair mount p47 wing carbon

10 thoughts on “Parkzone P47 Thunderbolt Build Mods

  1. Brandon

    im trying to imitate your build…..i have everything but the motor and servos… looking into a turnigy motor a g15 has similar specs to your tacon….also the servos….do i need anything special besides the obvious digital 9g… the cord for ailerons need to be longer than normal….still new to all of this but really like you site has inspired me…lol thanks in advance for reading!


  2. Jasonweb Post author

    Congrats on choosing the Parkzone P47 and opting to build the plane with your own items. The aileron servos indeed need a servo extension wire. I had whatever I had on hand at the time but a 3-6″ extension should work fine. In a pinch I’ve soldered my own servo extensions with left over servo wire but having them on hand is less hassle. Good luck with your build you’ll love the way the P47 flies and lands!


  3. eric

    i have the parkzone jug and been flying it for a few months and saw that you are using ChangeSun Electronic Retract 25 V2, i was wondering if you had to modify anything to get them to work on your jug. thanks

  4. Bill

    I fried my stock motor that was running 4s. Had the extra 300 prop and ran that way for a good 18 months. Saw your site when looking for new powering options. I put the e-flite power 25 that does 1250 KVM. (Not the usual 870kvm one) . I have a 9×7.75 APC for prop on it and 4s. Hope to try it out this weekend. Watt meter said 730 watts and a small hurricane behind it while testing. Will update with results. I do not have radar gun but will give my perception.

  5. Bill

    Well I tried the 9×7.75 and also the 8×8. Not much difference between the two. Although faster neither was as fast as I expected. I am going to try the 10×10 with a 3cell also. Might need to put a tach on each and amp meter to see what is happening….. Amp draw for each was in the mid 50s at WOT.

  6. Jasonweb Post author

    Hey Bill, good to see you exploring upgrades on the P47. Sounds like you have a nice increase in watt/amps with the new setup but not enough airflow with the small prop to move over the large fuse.
    I’d be hesitant to suggest a 4s with a 10×10 apc on your Eflite Power 25 since it’s at a high 1250kv and would likely be toast soon after but a 4s with a larger prop is the way to high speed. If you are still looking for additional speed with the P47 you might have to invest another $20 on a new motor(bigfoot 15 or 25) with a lower kv so that you can use a 4s and a larger prop. I had similar problems long ago with my Stryker that was generating great power numbers (nearing 1000 watts) but was all bark and no speed due to the smaller prop I had to use based on the motor, just not enough airflow over the fuse.

  7. Bill

    Well I tried the 10×10 with a 3 cell 2650 mah and 30c battery. Prior to taking it to the field I put the amp meter on it. It pulled too many amps so I adjusted the throttle down to about 85% which kept the amps below the motor and ESC limits. The plane flew much better with this combination… it was faster, had more vertical and I got great battery life out of it. After about 8 minutes of varied speed flying each cell had 3.72 volts. Not sure how fast it is in mph but certainly the fastest so far. I will see if someone has a radar gun when I am out there… And see what the reality is. Pleased with this result .

    I think the key is the longer prop given the broad nose on the P-47.

  8. Brian Sallee

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the great info! I put a 60a ESC and 10x10e prop on my P47. I also bought a couple of 4s lipos. Took it out today for the initial test and I fried the stock motor. The motor actually melted towards the rear where there is plastic. I have Tacon Bigfoot 15 950kv that I plan to put in. Is the Bigfoot 15 better suited for 4s than the stock motor? Thanks!

  9. Jasonweb Post author

    Hi Brian,

    You’ll be running the same setup that I have included in this post so the Bigfoot 15 3548 running a 10x10apc on a 4s will be great. I never started with the stock setup but reading your post you had one flight before the motor went toast on a 4s 10×10? Yikes, but good to see you’re testing the limits on a new airplane =) When we had the radar gun out I ran a 110 mph pass with the Bigfoot. I wanted more and was thinking about upgrading to a 5s but the airframe and wings began to deteriorate even with the carbon fiber structure mods I did. Keep an eye out for stress cracks on the airframe and wings when flying this setup.

  10. Brian

    Thanks for the reply! To be fair to Parkzone, I had over 50 flights on their motor before the 2nd run with 4s melted the motor. Still, I’m surprised the stock motor couldn’t hold up to 4s.

    I’m excited to give it another go with the Bigfoot 15 installed. Hoping to eclipse 100 mph like you were able to do!

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