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3DHS Edge 540 48″ Build


The 3D Hobby Shop Edge 540 48″ version is a new size 3D kit that follows their extremely popular 41″ Edge 540 aka the “buck huck”. The 3DHS Edge 540 48″ ARF package is designed around a similar concept of the buck huck which is a very capable 3D Edge airframe available at a great value. One way 3DHS chose to keep the costs down was to use a wire frame/balsa landing gear setup in place of the normal carbon fiber landing gear you will find in other 3DHS kits. I have found the flexing in the wire gear so far to be tolerable but may change it out for the carbon gear at some point. The gear is not a huge issue for me when landing on paved surfaces as it would be for someone landing in a grass field or less than ideal areas.

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3d Hobby Shop AJ Slick 51 Update

3DHS AJSlick70, 3DHS AJSlick51, ExtremeFlight Extra, 3DHS Edge540

original post with parts list for my AJ Slick 51 HERE

I was able to put a few more flights on the AJ Slick and work on getting the CG (center of gravity) more to my liking. It was seemed to balance on the ground well using my fingertips but in the air it was a different story and was nose heavy. Flying inverted under power with a slight up angle the plane would then drop immediately when I was off elevator. What I am looking for a is slow hesitation before the plane starts  to nose over and  lose altitude. This would be  a good 3D setup for me. So with the two short flights I had it was flying much better than previously.

The CG range with the battery position in the Slick 51 is very forgiving. When trying different 3d maneuvers I wanted the plane more neutral or a tad tail heavy. I was at first changing the battery position in .25 – .5 inch increments which barely had any effect. I settled on a position that I am satisfied with that was nearly 2″ inches from the original start point! I’ve never had a plane where the CG range is so varied. My friend who owns the AJ Slick 70 also confirms his wide CG range as it relates to his battery position. This also confirms what a lot of owners have stated when they are flying heavier batteries and the Slicks performance and traits hardly change. With my 2600mah 4s and 3000mah 4s I’m unable to notice a detectable difference in flight characteristics. So now with a more 3d capable balancing the 51 Slick is a tumbling machine. It tumbles with ease when put into a negative inverted  snap and hovering, knife edges are much more consistent.  We were able to fly up to 6pm which we haven’t been able to do for the longest time were looking forward to the longer summer days.

Another Update: New Props and Wattmeter Test

I received a couple new props for the AJ Slick 51″ and installed them and ran some Wattmeter results.

1. First prop was a Wood Master Airscrew 14×8 ( MASBA1480B). This propeller was the most un-balanced prop I’ve ever purchased. Very surprising how out of whack it was. This is also my very first wood prop to try. The balancing was corrected using my Du-Bro Tru-Spin Prop Balancer and some Scotch Tape on the lightest end of the prop. This is more or a temporary fix as I would like to use clear nail polish or other permanent means to balance. Regardless the prop is now very balanced but needed a lot of strips of tape. I then added my testing battery and Wattmeter and got these crazy results. They were shocking to me being that I only went up in pitch size on this propeller. I was using a APC 14x7e that gave 876.5 watts @ 56.84 amps.

AJ Slick MA 14x8 Wood Propeller Wattmeter

Tests below using: Turnigy SK 3548 900kv / Esc – Kforce 100a / Turnigy 4s 40c 3000mah

4s 3000mah 40-50c / NEW Master Airscrew 14×8 wood prop masma1480b

2. Second prop was a APC 15×7 (LP15070E).

4s 3000mah 40-50c 16.33v / NEW 15×7 apc LP15070E

New tinted canopy using Tamiya Smoke PS-31 Canopy Paint Spray

Tinted Canopy

More Tint Added

A Carbon-Z recently joined our flying lineup is owned by another pilot. Here is a shot right before its Maiden Flight


Slick 51 and Carbon-Z Yak

3D Hobby Shop AJ Slick 51″

I finished my 3D Hobby Shop(3DHS) – AJ Slick build and so far have a very limited amount of flights (three total) due to high winds we’re experiencing. This is my first plane from 3DHS and I can see why they’re very popular with so many owners. They have quite a large following on the RCGroups forum and the owners contribute a lot of helpful tips and discussion which has helped me decide not only the model to purchase but also the power plant and battery best suited for the type of flying I plan to do.

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3D Hobby Shop Carnage

Here are a few pictures of some recent RC Crashes that occurred to a couple 3d Hobby Shop planes.

You can undoubtedly count on this to happen at some point when you are flying 3D planes. Thankfully you can find 3DHS replacement parts here –  (3DHS ARF Spare Parts) and also at ADChobbystore 3DHS ARF Spare Parts.

A common part the breaks in a crash in the motor box. Here are a couple owners who posted their process of replacing a motor box in a 3DHS model. Here are a couple 3dhs motor box repairs.



This 3DHS Edge was repaired and recovered with ultracote in a small area which overall looks as good as new! It’s been through 3 extensive repairs to date and is still flying!

3DHS Edge 540 41″

Same friend with the EDGE crashed this 3DHS 47″ Extra SHP so hard into the grass the motor was buried in the ground and left a huge divot. Crashed nearby me and was caused by the ez connector on the elevator. The screw backed out which released the pushrod linkage. He had superglue on the threads but it backed out somehow.

3DHS Extra SHP Product page

In a worse situation here is a brand new 3DHS AJ Slick 70″ right before it’s maiden flight. Looked great right?

30 minutes later on it’s third flight it tip stalled while the pilot was busy re-adjusting his trim and turned upwind. No definite word on what he plans to do with the plane or parts. Might purchase a whole new ARF and rebuild or just individual parts.


The 3DHS Edge 540 then was outfitted with lights






and then….. more repairs!