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WSM Smoker Weekend: Roaster Chicken, Sausage Fattie and ABT’s

Skinless trial Roaster Chicken

Fired up the WSM(Weber Smokey Mountain) again this weekend and grabbed three Roaster Chickens from the store along with a roll of Jimmy Dean sage sausage and 15 fresh JalapeƱos and a 1lb of bacon. I changed my normal process with the Roaster Chickens a little. I butterflied the Chicken as normal, removing the backbone and cutting to make two equal halves. This time I removed the majority of the skin, mostly the breast and thigh areas. I was attempting to see how the rub and marinade would cover the chicken in a more direct way to the meat instead of the skin. After skinning and washing the chicken I applied my rub. Two different ones, but they both contained the usual Salt Pepper, garlic, sugar. I went with a soy marinade with a little white vinegar and a little more sugar(white,turbinado. The second was a beer and fresh rosemary mix that would sit for a couple hours.

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WSM Smoker Roaster Chicken and Turkey Breast

Whole roaster chicken that was butterflied then halved. Marinated in the “roadside chicken” recipe that contains a lot of apple vinegar, salt pepper, garlic, citrus, Worcestershire, and brown sugar. I think the the Turkey breast was just rubbed with some homemade version. It came out juicy even though the bottom pics appear dry.

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