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Skywing 48″ Edge 540T Epp 3D Build from Hobbyking USA


Skywing’s 48″ Edge 540T scale foamie is another awesome 3D plane that uses a combination of EPP foam and light plywood to give the plane lightness and rigidity. And because the outside of the plane is epp foam it handles minor crashes and hangar rash a little better than a balsa plane. I have Skywing’s previous 48″ epp/light plywood profile 3d planes (MXS, SBach) and this full fuse design looks and fly’s better. The full fuse Skywing epp planes have some upgrades from the previous epp profile series. The landing gear is now carbon and the tail feathers are air foiled. They are now available int the USA through the HobbyKing (west coast warehouse). The version I received from HobbyKing was the latest Edge 540T that included the following updates (motor box, landing gear mounts, carbon fiber flat stock to stiffen control trailing edges, hook wing attachment and newer scheme with HobbyKing color branding).


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