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RC Hobbyzone Super Cub Flyer – for new owners


New Pilots or seasoned flyers –

Here are a few websites that I visit and cover a lot of great information for the RC Hobbyzone Super Cub. Anything additional just send me an email by clicking on “Contact” at the top of this page.

1.) Videos that I took using the Aiptek PocketcamX

Jason’s Super Cub Aerial Videos

Aiptek Order Page-$25

2.) RC SuperCub Club Forums:
Super Cub Club site

RcGroups Super Cub Forum


3.) GENERAL R/C Forums:

4.) BATTERIES -Suggested by Hobbyzone for upgrade is the 9.6V:
$18.99 http://www.all-battery.com/96v1400mahnimhsquarebatterypacksforfirebirdairplane.aspx


$31.99 http://www.horizonhobby.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=PKZ1023

I’ve purchased (2) of these high output batteries 10.8V 1400 mAh NiMH but when using these you need to modify the battery space:


Best Scenario – Use LIPO’s!
Yes I have heard the other RC fliers talk about how great they are and the weight savings but I put off purchasing them for quite awhile (needed new charger, balancer etc) UNTIL…. I purchased the Parkzone Corsair F4U. What a difference the lipo’s make not only in the extreme speed but also flight times. I went from a stock battery (8.4V 1000mAh NiMHBattery) to the 10.8v 1400Mah and I thought that was substantial but nothing compares to the lipos! I easily get 20min plus flights and do not need full throttle. It literally gains altitude beyond belief and blew away my expectations. I use the stock Corsair lipo and then purchased additional ebay lipos NEW following some members advice on the forums. Here is what can be purchased on the inexpensive route. Hobbycity ZIPPY Flightmax 1300mAh 3S1P 20C $12 OR Ebay 2 x 2200mAh 25C 11.1V 3S Lipo FAST flying! They almost all ship from Hong Kong etc they work very well and and are dependable. Just visit the forums as a lot of the owners use the Zippy and other Hong Kong variants. Just try to keep the weight down, with my heavier 2200mAh batteries the performance is fantastic but I also get more than 25mins but they are kinda heavy.

You will need to remove a small jumper on the Super Cub’s receiver when using Lipo’s. This post on Wattflyer explains it in more detail:

You can email me and I can give further leads on my experience. The Super Cub battery box once again needs a little modification to accept the larger lipo batteries (one example) I left the battery box and and just dremeled the space. I use Deans Connectors(ultra) on all my RC planes and for charging lipos I have the stock Parkzone charger but have a FMA multi4charger on the way. My first battery charger that I purchased (Triton Jr) I used mainly for NiMH’s and it allows you to see how many mAh you used and put back in the batteries along with cycling and other features.



Aerial view of Marina / Delta

Great weather although still a little hazy from California Wildfires but the Super Cub took some neat aerial footage of the surrounding area.

Delta area with a few boats on the water but a lot of fishermen were on the dock which is located further in front of my launching area.

Hobbyzone Super Cub Takes A Dive

Added my Garmin GPS Vista unit on the top of the wings and checked center of gravity and it looked fine. A little heavy but should’ve been ok if not for the wind. Took the plane out in conditions that might be ok without anything attached. Took awhile to get altitude and the plane was rocking back and forth but I stuck with it. Reached 1100 ft and topped out at 47mph but the wind was getting too much. I’m sure both of these can be improved especially the elevation as the plane wasn’t nearly as high as I sometimes fly. So the landing was a different story. Full trim with up elevator and if I place stick in neutral it dives at a steep angle. It’s currently curing with all the Gorilla glue that was needed to mend the firewall/fuselage back together.