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2013 West Coast Huckfest Tour – Lodi, California

The West Coast Huckfest has once again arrived in Lodi, California. This is always a unique event since the flight line is run on an actual live airport runway.The Lodi Huckfest 3D flight line is run by  the (Kingdon) airport Traffic Controller that is responsible for pausing the 3D action to allow for the full scale air traffic to land. Pretty entertaining to have to all the giant 3D rc planes land and get out of the way of the real giant full scale planes who then land and pass right by the flight line. Some spectators arrived in their full scale planes just for this event. The Lodi Huckfest continues in attracting 3D pilots throughout the West Coast and across the nation who put up a great 3D show in a relatively out of the area destination…Lodi. Ah it’s great to be stuck in Lodi again (1)

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Flying Giants 2013 Lodi Huckfest Tour Thread

Delta Flying Club – Hosts of the Huckfest, Lodi Kingdon Airport, California