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Parkzone P47 Thunderbolt Build Mods

I started my next build and decided on the Parkzone P-47D Thunderbolt AKA the JUG. I planned on building this plane similar to my Parkzone Corsair, with plenty of power and speed. The Thunderbolt should be able to reach 90mph without difficulty.


Here are my build items

  1. Parkzone P-47D Thunderbolt Airframe Kit
  2. Tacon Big Foot 15 – 3548 950kv
  3. Turnigy Plush 60a esc
  4. Turnigy 4s 2200mah 40c lipo
  5. 4 servos – (Tower Pro mg90d, mg92b).or MG-14 and (2) 6″ extension leads
  6. APC props – 12×6 and 10×10 so far
  7. Retracts  – ChangeSun Electronic Retract 25 V2(Main Gear) or (e-Flite 10 to 15 – Size Main Electric)

The plane arrived in great shape with all the hardware included in the airframe kit. It comes with all the decals, the wing and fuselage are already applied so you have two decals to apply to the underside of the wing if desired. The Thunderbolt airframe is very pleasing to the eye and the build process went smoothly. I used the stock plastic motor mount in addition to a plywood mount I made. The plywood mount fits between the stock motor mount and the Brushless motor. In the past I ordered and used mounts from CustomRC. The motor came up a little short out the cowl so I then used my Dremel to grind off enough of the cowl’s center to fit the motor.

With everything in place, I charged my brand new 4s 2200mah 40c battery and connected my Turnigy Wattmeter for some testing. Here are the results.

Big Foot 15 / APC 12x6e Prop / Turnigy 4s 2200mah 40c


Plenty of power and way over spec on the motor but I was ready to maiden it at this point so off I went. I brought along my radar gun and met a friend to help get some mph readings. On the second flight we got 94MPH on 2 separate runs. The plane is very stable and a real pleasure to fly. Very smooth two wheel landings that carry a lot of momentum down the runway until I finally place the tail wheel down. Very precise and it’s a lot of fun to fly. My old Corsair has gotten heavy and worn over the years so this new Warbird is exactly what I needed.

Update – New Paint, Prop and Wattmeter Test and new MPH Record

Big Foot 15 /APC 10x10E / Turnigy 4s 2200mah 40C



P-47D Thunderbolt Weight

36oz without battery

AUW = 45.5oz using 4s 2200 40c lipo


Here is the new MPH record video and she certainly isn’t finished yet  –

Airbrushed smoke details and then (2) coats of Minwax® Polycrylic®

Airbrushed smoke details on gun and engine exhausts


More Radar Fun – 7.14.2011 – P-47D Thunderbolt 110mph !

Update (*apr 2013 repairs) – the P-47 is still flying after several repairs. I replaced the wing and the same carbon reinforcement was added. The wood motor mount I originally made was also quickly replaced with an uglier version. I also had to replace the cowl. Very little damage considering how many times I’ve crashed!

p47 repair mount p47 wing carbon

Parkzone Corsair Motor Mods Update

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Corsair Monster Power 15

In search for additional performance and speed I’ve reached 81-83mph with the Corsair so far. I think I stick with this level as it seems to be the sweet spot for the reinforced airframe and anything more powerful is asking for trouble. Radar gun information is on my post HERE.

Corsair Radar

After starting the motor upgrades on the Corsair I am on my 3rd new motor after trying several different options. What I settled on for the moment is the inexpensive MonsterPower15 available (hobbypartz) from a US distributor via Hong Kong. Just to recap my path of upgrades I’ll list them below.

  1. Turnigy 3536c 1100kv
  2. MonsterPower 25 870kv
  3. MonsterPower 15 950kv – Currently Using And My Favorite


Servos were upgraded to Metal Gear T-Pro MG90 9gram

With the addition of the first motor upgrade and hard flying the weak point then became the wing and other control surfaces such as the horizontal stabilizer and the vertical stabilizer. These areas were fixed with raw Carbon Fiber Tow which was laid down with an epoxy mix on both sides of the surface. I used CSTsales for my source of Carbon Tow and purchased several different strand count rolls. I used the 50k Tow for the wings. As the Tow is very flexible you can follow the gull wing design of the wing very well. On future reinforcing I will be using the solder iron or dremel to trench a shallow well and embed the Carbon into the wing. The exact approach I used for my Stryker Wing build (here). I also added new metal gear aileron servos. I was going to use the Hitec HS-85mg that I use in my Stryker but picked up (2)  PKZ1090 and added extensions. The stock nylon servos suck as everyone who owns a Corsair can attest.

Now granted my Corsair has lost her looks over the years but that’s the point I have flying the heck out of it for years and repairs along the way add personality lol.

Carbon Tow 50k

Conclusion is the 3536c wasn’t proving enough speed for my expecations.

The MonsterPower 25 was heavy and it’s low KV required a large prop and even then wasn’t delivering the speed and results however the torque and vertical were fun.

The MonsterPower 15 so far has been the sweet spot with a 4s and 12″ or larger prop. I have a radar gun that we will use on it and look forward to posting results.


674 w / 47.07a
716w/48.9a quick

MAS 11×7 4s 2200mah
555.9w   / quick burst 594.3w / 39.39a

APC 11x7e 4s
648.7w/44.13a quick

Parkzone Stryker Mods Continued 4s And 60a ESC

yikes! Time To Prop Down

orig build thread here

I’ve been neglecting the Stryker somewhat because the noise it generates around our local area has been attracting unwanted attention. My other planes are getting more use due to their low noise and excellent flying capabilities. So what then was I to do with the Stryker? …..Make it louder and faster of course!

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Parkzone Stryker Turnigy 2836 2350kv Build

The easy, inexpensive journey to speed using the Parkzone Stryker platform.

Started a new build based on the Parkzone Stryker airframe. I’ve been accumulating parts for the Stryker while I was researching and deciding what exactly I was looking for in my first flying wing rc plane. I wanted to keep the build relatively inexpensive and there are many options and approaches to accomplish this.  This was my next project after the Turnigy 3536c motor mod to the Parkzone Corsair Upgrade.

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