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Smoked Turkey 7 Bean Soup

I used the Turkey carcass from the Super Bowl weekend cook to make a hearty stock with. The stock consisted of adding the the Turkey with additional dark meat in a roasting pan with carrots, celery, onion, garlic cloves and a little vegetable oil. The oven was set at 425° and I allowed it to meld together for about 5o minutes(or longer), turning it a couple times. After roasting I then added to a large stainless pot along with water to cover completely, Thyme, Peppercorns. Bay leaf . The roasting pan was deglazed with Brandy Liquor and a little water and added to the stock pot. High heat until boil then covered and left on low to simmer for a couple hours.

Making Turkey Stock

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Marlin 795 Rifle – Range Report With Intensity Scope Installed

Range Trip (ati stock, caldwell nxt rest, various ammo, new Intensity 4-12x44mm AO scope and one piece mount)

My recent trip to the range with the Marlin 795 confirmed that there is no way the new one piece scope mount will be moving anytime soon. The scope mount probably would be secure without the extra loctite blue I added but it’s just added insurance at this point. Others that were using two piece mounts have experienced the mount moving after shooting hundreds of rounds. I ensured that the mount and the receiver were cleaned of all oils and grime using Gun Scrubber and a rag. I furthermore added a few drops of Loctite Blue to the inside left of the actual mount and also to the threads of the 5 mount screws.

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Marlin 795 Rifle Scope – Intensity 4-12x44mm AO unboxed

Here is the Intensity 4-12x44mm AO scope that is going on my Marlin 795. I am mounting it using a One Piece Mount that will be extremely secure and prevent and scope movement. The scope mount rings you see in the pics below are going on another rifle, and it’s a bolt-action unlike the Marlin 795 semi-automatic.

** Updated Pics – Intensity Scope Installed the Marlin 795 **

Thanksgiving Smoker WSM: The Super Cub… Carcass and Carnage

Happy Thanksgiving!
So the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker turned out some great Thanksgiving day turkeys. I had (2) 15lb turkeys and used an Garlic oil, dark ale, cayenne injection and stuffed another with apple and fresh rosemary sprigs. They were on the WSM for 4hrs and the 2nd one off at 5hours. Pics were taken as soon as the Turkeys were taken off the smoker and placed in a pan to rest. I missed taking pics of the full table spread but it was fantastic and PLENTIFUL. Many left with a lot of leftovers that come in so handy later in the evening and especially the next day.


Injection Turkey

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