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BBQ Pork Picnic Smoked Homemade Rub

All Ingredients Combined

Haven’t added a BBQ post in awhile but I had pics that I took on a recent cook. The Pork was purchased in a cryovac package that weighed 23.04 lbs. I had no specific plans so I thought I’d cook it for future meals. I had plenty of leftovers which I like to divide in small portions into Foodsaver vacuum bags and freeze them. The Foodsaver vacuum sealer works great and keeps the high quality and freshness for the spur of the moment BBQ treat without going through the whole smoker set-up and cooking.

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BBQ Beef Brisket And Pulled Pork

Just a quick post-

Used the WSM – (Weber Smokey Mountain) smoker to prepare some food before the Christmas party started the following day. I planned on starting a Beef Brisket and a couple Pork Butts along with some ABT’s which are stuffed Jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon.

Here are some of pics that I took of the recent cook. There were plenty of leftovers which I packaged in vacuum sealed bags using my Foodsaver and sent them home with Family and Friends to enjoy later.

WSM – Pork Butt and Beef Chuck Roast Weekend Smoke

I purchased 3 Picnic Pork Butts and 1 Beef Chuck Roast for dinner this Sunday evening. I fully plan on having lots of leftovers and will vacuum seal most with the Foodsaver. I am getting a very late start this Sunday as it is almost noon. Didn’t feel like doing my traditional overnight due to several factors including the wind and light rain that started late last night. We have an overcast day today but the wind has died down and a only a little chance of rain in evening.


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WSM Smoker Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin Stuffed and Peppers

PhotobucketPhotobucketbacon wrap

Another Pork loin stuffed and smoked on the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. This was a request from a family member for our vacation up to Lake Tahoe, California. The plan was to roll slice the Pork loin and add similar stuffing ingredients as I’ve done before except that I will add a Bacon wrap around the Garlic/Spinach/Mushroom to give it additional flavor. I also added fresh Sourdough bread(should’ve toasted) in place of using croutons or bread crumb stuffing. Here are a few pics of the BBQ which turned out great.

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