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Tech One Sbach 342 900mm Kit Build

My Tech One Tempo is still alive and flying…barely. The Tempo feels twice as heavy now with all the repairs I’ve had to do with glue. I was in the market for another Tech One small size 3d plane (900mm) and picked the Sbach from Hobbyking USA since all the parts I would need were available there as well. Hobbyking USA moved to a new warehouse location recently in Oregon which allowed the delivery to reach me here in California in three days from the time of order. Very fast shipping.

Build Items

Maiden flight was done in the evening during very windy conditions. I went ahead with the flight anyhow and thankfully didn’t damage anything or even break a prop. There wasn’t a lot time where I could discover how well the plane performs in various maneuvers compared to all the Tech One planes I have owned and flew. Even in the nasty conditions the Tech One Sbach flew very well and was a lot of fun but had my thumbs busy avoiding a crash. It has a very fast roll rate which I love and can’t wait to fly it in CALM conditions.



enigma main

The Hyperion Enigma 15E Thrust Vector 3D plane was released in approximately March 2011. The plane design is unique in that the whole motor mount can be articulated left and right in the same yaw manner a rudder would. This Thrust Vector (TV) design allows the pilot to perform some outrageous maneuvers otherwise not possible without the (TV) designed mount. Extreme knife edge loops and flat spins will be the specialty of the Thrust Vector mount. For those not so adventurous there is another traditional mount included with the kit. Hyperion has since (2014) discontinued this model and it’s available at clearance prices through various vendors.



  • Wingspan: 37.8″ / 960 mm
  • Wing area: 315 sq. in. / 21.0 dm2
  • Fuselage Length: 51.18″ / 1300 mm
  • Flying weight: 20-21 oz. / 560-590 kg
  • Servos (recommended): 3 x Hyperion HP-DS09-SCD (2 aileron, 1 elevator) 2 x Hyperion HP- DS09-SMD (1 rudder, 1 thrust vector)
  • Motor: Hyperion ZS2218-14 motor
  • Prop: APC 10×4.7SF or 11×3.8SF
  • ESC: Recommend 25A or above
  • Lipo : Hyperion HP-LG335- 850-3S or 1110-3S (undecided)


Hyperion Enigma – RC Groups Main Thread

Hyperion Enigma Design Scheme Contest – Oct 2009 RCGroups (maiden-crash helped design the actual model, Merog helped designed the scheme artwork)

Cool Mod – RC’er (Nitro Blast) Homemade Thrust Vector Mount – using (dubro #156 Nylon Gear) (flitetest.com)

Hyperion Enigma 3D with Thrust Vectoring – Prototype (MaidenCrash23)

E-flite Carbon-Z Splendor AS3X BNF Build

The E-flite Carbon-Z Splendor was designed by F3A World Aerobatic Champion Quique Somenzini to be able to fly Precision F3A type maneuvers as well as all out 3D. I haven’t built a dedicated precision airplane yet and I mainly fly 3D so the Splendor seemed like a no brainer when Horizon Hobby decided to offer the plane at a huge discount. Quique Somenzini decided to part ways with Horizon Hobby and the Splendor BNF soon went on clearance for $179 shipped.

Type: Airplanes
Wingspan: 54.5 in (1384mm)
Overall Length: 56.8 in (1443mm)
Flying Weight: 5.50 lb (2.50 kg)
Motor Size: 50-size brushless outrunner
Radio: AR635 6-channel AS3X receiver (installed)
Servos: (4) 26-gram digital metal gear mini servos (installed)
Prop Size: 14 x 7E
Wing Area: 645 sq. in. (41.5 sq. dm.)
Wing Loading: 19.7 oz/sq ft (60.1 g/sq dm)


Wattmeter Test = 1210 watts / 55 amps

I maidened E-flite Carbon-Z Splendor on a windy day with another receiver installed (orangerx 7ch). The Splendor has plenty of power and with the large aileron surfaces it has some extreme roll rates which made the first flights fun. The plane was trimmed but was nose heavy with these flights and knife edge passes had the plane pulling towards the canopy. I moved the batter further aft and eventually starting cutting away foam to allow the battery to sit even further. On later flights my canopy hatch came off in flight. Other owners have experienced the same and suggest using CA glue to reinforce the red hatch latch pieces to the foam. The 2 prong latch on the actual rear of the canopy came completely off in flight on mine. I’ve since added magnets and a good ole fashioned rubber band to solve the canopy issue.

Maiden Flight Hat Cam (2nd)

some other issues I have had with the Splendor:

  1. e-flite prop adapter(s) not straight (EFLM74502)
  2. poor tail wheel assembly, stress on rudder. (I use these tail wheel offerings from hobbyking and sullivan) HobbyKing Tail Wheel Assembly Tail Wheel Assembly60x25mm D28/30 and Sullivan Steerable Tailwheel Bracket



Skywing 48″ Edge 540T Epp 3D Build from Hobbyking USA


Skywing’s 48″ Edge 540T scale foamie is another awesome 3D plane that uses a combination of EPP foam and light plywood to give the plane lightness and rigidity. And because the outside of the plane is epp foam it handles minor crashes and hangar rash a little better than a balsa plane. I have Skywing’s previous 48″ epp/light plywood profile 3d planes (MXS, SBach) and this full fuse design looks and fly’s better. The full fuse Skywing epp planes have some upgrades from the previous epp profile series. The landing gear is now carbon and the tail feathers are air foiled. They are now available int the USA through the HobbyKing (west coast warehouse). The version I received from HobbyKing was the latest Edge 540T that included the following updates (motor box, landing gear mounts, carbon fiber flat stock to stiffen control trailing edges, hook wing attachment and newer scheme with HobbyKing color branding).


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Smoke Bomb Fireworks On RC 3D Electric Planes

Here’s a simple approach to adding smoke on 3d electric foamies.There are several firework online shops that sell different color and duration smoke bombs that looked perfect for adding to smaller size planes. I planned on igniting the smoke bombs remotely while the plane was in the air but the good ole’ fuse worked just fine. We were all impressed with the 5 minute smoke bomb as it was the thickest and lasted the longest of all we tried.There are other smoke kits that are specifically made for rc model aviation and they appear to be a pyro device similar to what we purchased but more expensive. The consumer grade firework smoke bombs we used were safe and inexpensive and definitely delivered the smoke I was looking for.


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