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Marlin 795 Rifle – Range Report With Intensity Scope Installed

Range Trip (ati stock, caldwell nxt rest, various ammo, new Intensity 4-12x44mm AO scope and one piece mount)

My recent trip to the range with the Marlin 795 confirmed that there is no way the new one piece scope mount will be moving anytime soon. The scope mount probably would be secure without the extra loctite blue I added but it’s just added insurance at this point. Others that were using two piece mounts have experienced the mount moving after shooting hundreds of rounds. I ensured that the mount and the receiver were cleaned of all oils and grime using Gun Scrubber and a rag. I furthermore added a few drops of Loctite Blue to the inside left of the actual mount and also to the threads of the 5 mount screws.

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Marlin 795 Rifle Scope – Intensity 4-12x44mm AO unboxed

Here is the Intensity 4-12x44mm AO scope that is going on my Marlin 795. I am mounting it using a One Piece Mount that will be extremely secure and prevent and scope movement. The scope mount rings you see in the pics below are going on another rifle, and it’s a bolt-action unlike the Marlin 795 semi-automatic.

** Updated Pics – Intensity Scope Installed the Marlin 795 **

Marlin 795 Rifle – Value .22LR plinker fun

I started modifying the Marlin 795 later in the afternoon and just brought the ATI Fiberforce stock inside from recent painting since its warmer then my garage and I wanted to see it installed. I didn’t receive my scope this week as I thought I would so that will go on next week. I also just received my Caldwell NXT rest the other day. I am going to go ahead and bring the Marlin to the range tomorrow for kicks and test out the iron sights. My rear sight was installed crooked, looking down sights it is way to the right. Very tiny rifle compared to my old bolt action. Looking forward to tomorrow!

I also used the Krylon Camouflage paints (khaki, olive, brown) … forgot to add that I used Krylon Matte clear on top of the paint in hopes of added durability. The pattern I used for painting came from local plants and some neat fake foliage I found at a floral dept in a craft store.


Since I’ve never done this before I got a lot of great tips and ideas from the guys over at Sniper’s Hide.

Rifle Painting Tutorial

Rifle Painting Tutorial Thread – snipershide

ATI Fiberforce Stock Install Marlin 795

7.62x54r Ammo 182 grain FMJBT Ball arrives

My order of Yugoslavian 7.62x54r ammo just arrived and I’m interested how this will run through my rifle compared to the steel core that I have. The majority of the firearm ranges here in California have banned the use of steel core ammo based on it’s tendency to spark when hitting metal and igniting fires in the hillside. Not to mention the penetration of the steel core has given a reputation of “armor piercing” which scares the un-informed to believing it’s illegal. The ammunition that is most prevalent on the market just happens to be steel core so you have to locate and then pay a premium for this lead core ammo that just arrived.

Here are some pics of 2 different ammunition. Steel core 150 grain(green) VS Lead core 182 grain(brass).