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Tech One Sbach 342 900mm Kit Build

My Tech One Tempo is still alive and flying…barely. The Tempo feels twice as heavy now with all the repairs I’ve had to do with glue. I was in the market for another Tech One small size 3d plane (900mm) and picked the Sbach from Hobbyking USA since all the parts I would need were available there as well. Hobbyking USA moved to a new warehouse location recently in Oregon which allowed the delivery to reach me here in California in three days from the time of order. Very fast shipping.

Build Items

Maiden flight was done in the evening during very windy conditions. I went ahead with the flight anyhow and thankfully didn’t damage anything or even break a prop. There wasn’t a lot time where I could discover how well the plane performs in various maneuvers compared to all the Tech One planes I have owned and flew. Even in the nasty conditions the Tech One Sbach flew very well and was a lot of fun but had my thumbs busy avoiding a crash. It has a very fast roll rate which I love and can’t wait to fly it in CALM conditions.


Tech One Yak 54 1100mm (43.3in.) EPP kit – Build

Another great offering from Tech One is my new Yak 54 1100mm EPP 3d airplane. This Tech One Yak is more 3d oriented than say the Tech One Swift. It has a higher roll rate and snaps easier as well as doing knife edge spins. This Yak is still stable and smooth with it’s 43.3″ wingspan and it’s definitely tamer than my Tech One Tempo. A fantastic all-arounder with a little more 3D capability than the Tech One Swift.

Build List


Cool Mod – RC’er (Nitro Blast) Homemade Thrust Vector Mount – using (dubro #156 Nylon Gear) (flitetest.com)

Tech One Tempo 40″ Epp Profile 3D Plane – Build

Another purchase from Tech One and I haven’t been disappointed yet, including this new 3D plane the Tech One 40″ Tempo. It was exactly what I was looking for in a lightweight highly maneuverable 3d epp plane. This plane is very snappy and is capable of great knife edge spins and inverted flat spins as well as increased roll rate. Something the larger Tech One planes struggle with. I do not care for the Tech One plastic canopy that this Tempo and the Swift use. The plastic Tech One canopies crack, fade and generally suck…I wish it was just solid epp from the factory.

Build List

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